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Life Shift 

Transition Coaching 

*  Are you at a turning point: life or work? 

*  Wanting something to sink your teeth into that makes a difference?

*  You’ve read the books, listened to podcasts, made lists, talked with friends,

   and you still feel stuck.

With 40 years as a development coach and consultant, accomplished photographer, and author, I can be of help.





Next Step

Bernie Saunders is a transition coach and leadership consultant, an accomplished photographer, and author of three books. He is passionate about inspiring people to connect more deeply with themselves.

He has a Masters Degree in Applied Theology, is certified in Emotional Intelligence, and has had the privilege of working with Fortune 50 companies and non-profits. His work with alcoholics, CEOs, factory supervisors, and people transitioning to something more meaningful, provides him with a rich background to help a wide range of people realize their dreams.

We will use some or all of the following:

  • Explore your strengths and limitations.

  • What’s in your control and what is not.

  • Determine what works and what is missing.

  • When to say, “Yes, that is me”, and “No, that is not me.”

  • Use creative expression when appropriate to gain greater clarity.

  • Who are your mentors, and what are their attributes?

The process is straight- forward:  Who am I fundamentally, and what

do I want from this crazy, wonderful thing called life?

To set up a free 30 minute call or zoom session to see if we are a match, give me a call at 612-244-5164, or email me at

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